Solar Solutions Easy as 123

Kids like adults are also being concerned by the earth-friendly consumption.
ZATA team pulled together this quick, functional, affordable, and earth-friendly solar LED light that kids can carry with them anywhere in their adventures and of course, off to bed at night. This is a nice, sustainable-energy kit, with all the power for the lamp being sourced from renewable solar energy.

Africa Project: School Children LED built-in lamp

“A Lamp Lighting up Africa” is not only for the single country with which Taiwan has diplomatic tie, but also for all the areas that need to be lighted up.

What inspires KONTA is neither promotion, nor extra salary, nor manufacturer’s profits, but it is a hope to create opportunities of achieving happiness for more friends around the World. 

Business Items using solar power principle

1. Building management system
2. Li-iron battery
3. Integrated management