African School Children Lamp


Burkina Faso is one of the Republic of China (i.e Taiwan) diplomatic allies.

Referring to the lack of power resources in Africa, in particular, Burkina Faso, as Central Vocational  Training Centre cooperation plan, trainees senior managers came to Taiwan and happened to meet the  team of ZATA and visit the factory. They mentioned the lack of power in the region of Burkina Faso, the  conditions in which the students do their homework in the evening, and read under the street lights.

In Taiwan, you just switch on, and power is supplied. In Burkina Faso, except for the five percent of people living in the big cities, power is luxury. Taiwan students enjoy the dazzling night hours to study, while students in Burkina Faso maximize daylight time. KONTA realized the big existent problem of shortage of power in Burkina Faso.

ZATA team started immediately to concentrate on the R&D of a device that would fulfill all needs: that lamp could be carry on anywhere, resistant to extreme conditions, shockproof, and the most important it would have to be charged from a natural resource, the sun!
So as a result, the students would carry back home a battery fully charged, install the solar lamp and then they could start to do their homework.

ZATA R&D team decided to name the project
African School Children Lamp』.
The Taiwan President Ma who had the chance to see the final product in a short time was very impressed and used it as diplomatic gifts later.



Counselor Training Center team, during one of their trip to Burkina Faso, found out that despite the shortage of power, children were not that much affected and would still find their ways to learn. The children in the big cities, living in decent houses, surrounded by street lights, home lights, have no time’s constraint as regards studying.  But out of town, the children need to finish their homework by the sunset! 










ZATA R&D team use the abundant natural resource in Africa, the sun, to solve the problem of lack of light and studying time constraint. ZATA was commissioned by The Counselor Training Center to build strategic alliances as manufacturers and develop a lightweight, portable, long life and high performance light device - “A lamp for Africa”



Using rechargeable batteries and solar power can provide adequate lighting at night. Our lamp can be mobilized and secured on any wall you prefer. 

During the day, the battery can be charged from local schools and other public areas set up as battery charging stations. The use of solar energy is completely natural, noiseless and inexhaustible, the only light to accompany a quiet peaceful night.



The Taiwan President Ma met with the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso in Africa. President Ma presented the Prime Minister a present. That present was a lamp, named “African School Children Lamp”. President Ma said “that is not only a lamp, but this is a hope, a hope for children to have more light, to illuminate the state of our African friends."

The Central Vocational Training Center and ZATA company spent more than a year to develop the
Solar LED Lamp.

The General Manager of our company, Mr. Chen said: “the lamp uses the sun as power principle. The solar energy will be stored into the battery, the process only requires 2.5 hours to get a battery fully charged. The battery may be charged either at the convince of your own home, or in the class room, during class time. Once the charge is complete, children are able to utilize the optimal power of the light when needed, as for an example, once back home for studies. All is needed to be able to operate is to connect the handset battery to the lamp, then the LED chip will lighten when button is  switched on. The lamp is built of simple material; the lampshade is made of durable material which can resist to most impacts, this without damaging the lamp. LED light has longer life expectancy and are not as likely to break, if dropped or burnt out like with higher wattage for regular light bulb”.

Our Company has been established for a number of years and has been successfully supplying customers since 2008 worldwide.

The Burkina Faso Ministry of Education has ordered from our company about 20 sets (that is to say, 20 groups, each group providing a set of solar system which can charge 50 batteries at a time and lamps each including a battery). Those were delivered in April, 2010.

Since then, two schools in Burkina Faso has been all set up with the system, a total of 1000 lamps, providing a lamp for each student.

Since the new lighting system, the students in Africa have been able to do their homework, read anytime anywhere, during the day and night, without having to sit under public street lights. Children are now on in a safer and proper studying environment.



“A Lamp Lighting up Africa” is not only for the single country with which Taiwan has diplomatic tie, but also for all the areas that need to be lighted up. 

What inspires ZATA is neither promotion, nor extra salary, nor manufacturer’s profits, but it is a hope to create opportunities of achieving happiness for more friends around the World.

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