World Inventor Award Festival 2012, Korea


World Inventor Award Festival (WIAF) serves as the best platform for rewarding students, inventors, researchers, scientists, doctors, technical authors, teachers, professors, etc all other professionals in diverse occupations from around the world who deal and work with invention, innovation, creativity and new technology. The event sets its goal towards discovering those who deserve to be recognized for their excellent career with successful highlights, achievements, contributions made in their region and society. WIAF is open to everyone and hope to serve as a platform that accumulates and validates the career and life of people who dedicated their time and effort in the fields and industries that relate to invention, innovation and creativity.

In 2012, the 1st World Inventor Award Festival took place on 15 December at Seoul Garden Hotel in Seoul, Korea. 234 inventors from 30 countries were nominated for awards merit recognition at the Award Ceremony. Applications numbered more than 350 applications from local Korea and international regions including Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Iran, USA, Canada, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Poland, Macau, etc.