ZATACORP INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD previously known as KONTA INTEGRATED ENGINEERING CO., LTD. since 1990, was established recently in 2016. We invest to build one of the largest companies in domestic research & development and production plant in batteries. We invested over U.S. $ 10 million to establish our facilities and development in engineering for a production of quality ensure that the quality of our batteries is always excellent.

We are a world leader supplying materials based Li-ion possessing high quality with high volume for high power and bulk energy storage applications. The module design is for various applications such as: 

  • Africa Lamps for Children 
  • Stand-alone System for Irrigation 
  • Stand-alone System for Home
  • Vehicle Starting Batteries
  • 36 Hole Golf Cart (Club Car)
  • Universal Power Center
  • HEV and EV Use Battery

Our company utilizes leadership in producing top technology to create new branded products toward pioneering new market trends.